Welcome to the Medical Offices of Dr. Qian

Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Doctor Weihua Qian was born in China in 1964 and is a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice since 1987, having practiced in Switzerland from 2003. She received her medical training in China in Traditional Chinese Medicine at a state Medical University and within the Hospital infrastructure due to its recognition.

Doctor Qian welcomes you to her office in Geneva, located at 69, Rue du Rhône for the treatment of most health problems (occasional or chronic), to prevent disease and maintain health.



Please view the video of CCTV 13 visit to DR Qian

During Chinese President Xi Jin Ping's visit, Chinese national TV CCTV 13 also interviewed Dr. Qian Wei Hua at our center MTC Santé Sarl  in Geneva.

Dr. Qian graduated from Chengdu  Traditional Medicine University in 1987.
Always one of the top students, she won the country first prize of the Ministry Health examination.


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